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Directions for Weight Loss:

Have you been trying to find that magic formula for shedding unwanted pounds?

Maybe your motivation is to fit into that perfect outfit for a special occassion, lose those stubborn pounds that have slowly been creeping up over the years, or you simply want to feel better and have more energy to do all the things you enjoy.

Portions Master is the right tool for you.  By using Portions Master at every meal (3 times daily), you will see and feel the benefits of using portion control to achieve and manage your weight.  Many diet plans are difficult to follow and can be very expensive.  Portions Master is a simple and economical way to teach not only you, but your entire family how much food (and what ratios of food) is the right amount to maintain optimal health.

Portions Master can be used in conjunction with other diet plans to help you lose weight.  Place the “allowable” foods into the appropriate sections of the Portions Master Plate and then enjoy your meal.  No measuring or weighing foods, and no counting calories.

With any weight management plan, it is important to drink lots of water and make sure you get exercise 3-5 times a week.

Directions for Weight Gain:

So you want to gain weight and pack on lean muscle mass.

Portions Master is the right tool for you.

It’s simple:

The ratios that Portions Master offers you to lose weight, can also be used to help gain weight.

How you ask?

Let’s say you are 185 lbs and want to be 215 lbs. To reach this goal in a healthy manner you would start by using the Portions Master 185 lb plate 5 times a day until you gain 15 lbs, then you will move up to the 215 lb plate and use it 4-5 times daily.

UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) released a study stating that the human body can process approx .912 gr/lb.
So using the Portions master 5 times daily will bring you to the max protein quantities needed to put on lean muscle mass. The carbohydrate section will give you the extra calories you need to push harder.

The Number 1 mistake most people make when trying to gain weight is increasing the carb to protein ratios; not keeping the protein higher than carbs. This results in gaining weight but also comes with unwanted fat, not lean mass.

Remember: Portions Master keeps those ratios constant which is very important to lean muscle gain.

It is also important to use your post workout weight gain supplement with the protocol to achieve great results.

* Portions Master Weight Loss Calculator does not work for weight gain protocol.  We will be adding the Portions Master Weight Gain Calculator soon.

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